Hiking 9/21/19

Lets plan to leave Fusion at 1pm. We will get to Yellow Springs about 2pm. We will find a good place to hike, take pictures, hangout. Get back in the van around 4pm. Stop at Youngs Dairy or somewhere the group agrees on. We can hang out at Youngs and eat (Fusion buys) and look at the animals, etc. Home at 6pm.

Here is a form for printing and signing. I printed some I can drop to people if I hear from you in time, I will have them at Edison all day tomorrow and could meet people at Fusion late in the afternoon, or you can stop during a court event at Fusion on Saturday morning. Since we have to limit to the first 13 responses (not sure if we have that much interest anyhow) I do want to be sure to be fair in tracking when they come in. If you get it signed and can snap a picture to text to me (don't post all your info on the public page), that would tell me you're a sure thing. In another post, I will post a link for anyone that wants to sign it online. The only requirement there is that your parent/guardian needs their own, unique address. It can't come from your email.

Hiking 9/21 Permission - Google Forms.pdf

Here's a link for a parent/guardian to use to complete the permission slip online. The parent/guardian must provide a unique email address so we can legally count this as a signature.