What We Do

We operate a safe place for students to access wireless internet. Students participate in various programs that benefit from this supervised access. The Learning Center is also available for a number of adult programs.

As students move through their school year, it can be challenging to maintain adequate supplies they need. We provide space to store donated items for teachers to access to meet the needs of their students.

Every year, students become legal adults while they are still finishing high school. In some cases, parents or the state stop supporting them. They desperately want (and need) to finish school, and need to provide for their own basic needs, including housing.

We occasionally provide access to a small, sacred space in our building for anyone to stop in for moments of silence, contemplation, and meditation.

Come join us as we explore using adult coloring as a way to relax, meditate, pray and enhance our spiritual lives.

When we received the opportunity to distribute Baby Boxes for Baby Box University, we also started a safe sleep program to do our part to fight Ohio's high infant mortality rate in our neighborhood, spiritual community, and throughout the region.

Love of Neighbor, in our community, extends to those addicted to drugs and their families. It brings peace and hope for recovery when options are available to help an overdose victim survive. One more day of survival can bring them one step closer to recovery and improved relationships with family and God. Project DAWN is overdose education and naloxone distribution.