Who We Are

We are an interfaith community committed to building relationships, both with individuals and organizations. Then, through these relationships, discover and develop God's gifts and talents. We will use these gifts and talents to enhance the lives of individuals, families, and the community.

Why We Are Here

To build a spiritual community and share the love of God by nurturing the heart, mind and body; through the development of relationships with each other and Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Leadership

Pastor Karen Jamison serves as our Spiritual Leader. Click here to go to Pastor Karen's page.

Safe Conduct

We endeavor to make our building and programming a safe place. To that end, we have a comprehensive policy. And, we follow the policy so that everyone feels the safe environment as they use our space to explore their own spirituality, learn about spiritual practices and alternatives, and expose their own vulnerabilities to open their minds and hearts for learning.


The Fusion Safe Conduct policy was adopted by the Fusion Board of Trustees almost immediately after the original By-Laws were adopted to establish our community. It is a large document containing details that many will find boring. However, one central point is that we are transparent about how our staff and volunteers are expected to conduct themselves. Click here for additional information and forms related to the policy.

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Our Wider Church

Congregational Christian UCC of Piqua

The United Church of Christ

We are the legacy of the Congregational Christian United Church of Christ of Piqua, originally established in 1890, a dynamic presence in the community for many decades, and being preserved in love and appreciation for their service all those years. They hosted the 1929 meeting of the Christian Church, where the vote was made to merge with the Congregational Church, and the Congregational Christians eventually merged with the Evangelical and Reformed Church to form the United Church of Christ. We are proud of this important role played in our building many years ago. Click here for the CCUCC website.

Intentionally and Boldly Inclusive

Ever since our development team began meeting for the purpose of establishing our organization, this spiritual community has desired to welcome all persons in the full life of the community, including persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. We are currently seeking covenant with the UCC open and Affirming Coalition, so we can demonstrate we are serious about our intentional inclusiveness and so we can be listed for those search for such a community in a geographical area lacking "ONA" opportunities.


We seek to be an expression of God's Love in the world. We are an inclusive and diverse community; a place of unconditional love that inspires all individuals in our community, regardless of race, culture, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, and socio-economic status. Partnering with the Holy Spirit and the community, we are committed to fighting and eradicating social ills that oppress God's children, preventing them from experiencing a fulfilled life. Following the example of Jesus Christ, we declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming Spiritual Community.


3 Great Loves

The United Church of Christ has a vision of a just world for all. In this world all are welcomed, everyone is loved and justice is inherent. 3 Great Loves is our denomination’s opportunity to live out our Love of God and vision of a just world for all and express how our Love of Neighbor, Love of Children, and Love of Creation work together to address the inequities in our current world.

Learn More

As a Spiritual Community, which is not membership-based in the traditional "church" sense, we look at any activities even loosely based on our spiritual connections to be part of the work of our community. Sometimes, these things happen within the walls of our Center. Better yet, our community members sometimes take a talent enhanced from our relationship and enhance their lives or that of their family and physical community. When we recognize something on this site or another platform that demonstrate the purpose of this initiative we will tag it. Click the magnifying glass at the top of the page and search for one of these tags. You can also search the whole web for these tags and find many other neat activities.