Supplies for Success

Our community does a great job of getting kids started with school supplies every year. We support a number of business and non-profit initiatives that work hard and make sure every child can report to school with all the supplies they will need. As these supplies are exhausted or need replaced, we have noticed many of our teachers using their own funds to provide replacement supplies and special needs of their students.

Our school supply pantry is intended to be a place where teachers, mentors, and other youth leaders can browse for items needed by their students mid-year.

Here is a list of items that has already been identified by staff at our schools and currently needed at our pantry:

Supplies for Success List

Drop boxes may be found at our various Covenant Organizations.

We also accept financial donations to support the project. Please be aware that these donations may be used for general needs of the program, and not necessary for direct purchases. If you would like to designate a donation strictly for purchase of the articles to be given to a teacher for his/her students, please note this on the donation form or when mailing your contribution.