Fusion House

Every year, students become legal adults while they are still finishing high school. In some cases, parents or the state stop supporting them. They desperately want (and need) to finish school, but need to provide for their own basic needs, including housing. Many are able to find a friendly couch or spare bed in the home of a friend. Others are suddenly at considerable risk for:

  • Homelessness, and/or
  • Human Trafficking

as they seek to provide for their own basic needs as they finish their high-school career.

We have adequate space to provide for housing at least some of these students. We still need to get several things in place to begin offering this, however, including:

  • Legal changes to land-use designations with the county and the city
  • A clear understanding within the community of the limited purpose and role of the shelter ministry
  • Updates to physical facilities

Opportunities for volunteer assistance will be available, but programming details need to be established first. Facility updates will be expensive and several grant opportunities are already being pursued. You can help financially by clicking the button below.