Safe Conduct

The Fusion Safe Conduct policy was adopted by the Fusion Board of Trustees almost immediately after the original By-Laws were adopted to establish our community. It is a large document containing details that many will find boring. However, one central point is that we are transparent about how our staff and volunteers are expected to conduct themselves. It is accessible here in its entirety. Scroll further down for some more concise explanations and forms.


Practice of the Policy

Rather than reading the whole policy, you might be more interested in what this means to how we apply it to our regular programming:

  • Anyone with concerns they feel should be brought forward, but hesitant to appear accusatory or concerned for ramifications of bringing a concern forward, may contact a designated Ombudsman - Jessika. Jessika can be reached at 937-381-9310.
  • Anyone potentially in charge of a group of children, or entrusted with the spiritual welfare of adults, is screened and background checked. Volunteers serving in a more casual role may not be screened as intently, but will be trained in proper boundaries and will not be alone with children involved in our programming - either in-house or outside of the program.
  • Training is provided to volunteers and staff according to their level of responsibility.
  • Appropriate measures of monitoring and supervision are defined and maintained.
  • Intentional efforts are made to make any consumers of our programs aware of safe conduct expectations to an age appropriate level.
  • Appropriate responses to allegations have been defined so that these difficult situations can be handled consistently and fairly.
  • A Code of Conduct is established and regularly trained/discussed/monitored. It is available here.

Important Forms and Links

Authorized Adult Employee & Volunteer Application and Disclosure Form