Vehicle Donation Program

Did you know that many low-income members of our community have obtained jobs only to lose them when they are unable to get themselves there because they don't have a car or multiple family members are sharing one? That some people with medical needs have established doctors and medical treatment plans, but miss appointments because we have no bus service and they don't have a car? That a 2013 survey found around 25% of lower income patients have missed or rescheduled appointments for themselves or their children due to lack of transportation? That the same patients in that 2013 study missed filling prescriptions twice as often as patients without that same problem?

Helping with that next big step . . .

We're engaging our whole spiritual community to aid someone on their journey to independence by meeting an established need for transportation. The recipient will be chosen based on relationships they have with one of the many outstanding programs we have a relationship with. It will be someone that has reached a level of stability and lacks the reliable transportation they need to do something important - keep their job, make it to medical treatment or counseling, or get their children to supportive activities.

We have found ourselves the recipients of a generous donation of a vehicle. It needs only slight repair to be able to be very reliable transportation for someone. While we considered quickly selling it to convert it to cash for some much needed winter bills, we decided instead to use this gift to not only provide some revenue, but to live our mission of being "relationship centered - community focused."

Relationship Centered

  • Students learning trades like car repair
  • Young people that like serving at Fusion and need positive outlets for their energy
  • Organizations that make referrals to us and that we refer people to
  • Someone that has worked hard to get ahead for themselves and their family
  • Financial supporters

Community Focused

  • Connecting donors to needs and other donors
  • Young people coming together and using their talents to help others
  • Fellowship while sharing God's love
  • Working together to address some of the inequities in our current world
  • Using our gifts and talents to enhance the lives of individuals, families, and the community.